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Protecting Your Twlb2bmp Account

Some members have reported fraudulent attempts to gain access to their sensitive information through bogus emails. Such emails, which appear to be coming from Twlb2bmp.com, request sensitive personal information (e.g., Twlb2bmp.com passwords, credit card numbers or registration information). Twlb2bmp.com will never ask you to provide your password, credit card information, or other sensitive information in an email.

The key to reducing the adverse effects of this type of email is awareness, education and vigilance. We encourage you to be cautious when responding to any email request for sensitive personal information.

Below are some basic measures you can take to ensure the safety of your account on Twlb2bmp.com. If you suspect that an unauthorized party has already accessed or has attempted to access your account, please contact Customer Service immediately.

Submit a unique email address and set a good password
Please do not submit a public or another person's email addresses and please do not choose a simple password like your birthday or name. It is better for you to set one with numbers and characters together.

Log on regularly at Twlb2bmp.com
Regularly signing into Twlb2bmp.com ensures your account information stays current.

Be cautious when you receive requests for sensitive information
Do not use the links in an email to access an Twlb2bmp.com web page if you suspect the message might not be authentic. Avoid filling out forms in email messages that ask for your personal information, such as amail address and password, credit card information and so forth. Be sure you are using a secure website when submitting credit card or other sensitive information through your browser. Most Twlb2bmp.com sign-in pages can be identified by addresses that begin with "http://www.Twlb2bmp.com/login.php(.php and .html)".

Use anti-virus software and a firewall
Some computer viruses steal your password and financial account information by recording your keystrokes. For this reason, it is recommended that you install anti-virus software and update it on a regular basis. A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized parties (usually referred to as "hackers") from gaining access to sensitive information stored on your computer. Firewalls can be implemented in either hardware and software, or a combination of both.

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